Science Under Stars Friday eve

Performance Art Saturday eve

SHARE, Vela Phelan, Alice Vogler, Lisa Stertz, Brian McCorkle, Joseph Ravens,
Maria Luisa, Zayde Buti and Jane Wang
July 1st-5th, 2016
Share 15th Anniversary  Camp

SHARE is first and foremost a platform to explore expression, in a variety of artforms. Through its weekly open jam sessions, engages its participants and spectators in a continually changing dialog on art and culture. As such, SHARE represents an ongoing exploration of collaborative performance as cultural exchange. It mines the relationship of artistic practice to cultural identity, remapping a multiplicity of cultural discourses. The act of creating artistic content in a multicultural collaborative context is a fascinating and natural extension of the SHARE concept.
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Mobius Artist Jane Wang is a composer/multi-instrumentalist/multimedia artist who develops and curates/co-curates work in the disciplines of installation art, fluxus, musical instrument construction, performance art, video.  She is currently in the beginning stages of developing instruments and a soundscape for longtime collaborator Hanne Tierney's new mechanized theater/installation piece and is co-curating a group choreographer/composer works in progress event: mobius and Circuit Bridges @Judson Church, June 5, 2017.  For that event, she will be creating a new work with choreographer Nathan Andary.

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