Essential Departures

July 20th - 26th 2015

A week of collaborative investigations into the female body and nature, in a non-judgemental and feminist environment at new rural performance-specific venue. 

We are interested in a rural space being a grounds of investigation and the distinction between ruralality and nature. Female bodies, while not any more or less a part of nature than a male body, are often essentialized as being more of-the-earth and "natural". We are interested investigating - as a group 'beehiving' it - ideas of what it means to be in a female body, occupy space and identity, and present work we make in relation to these ideas. 


Performances by: Tif Robinette, Poppy Jackson, Valerie Sharp, Rae Goodwin, Olivia Cream, Esther Neff, Rebecca Beauchamp, Jodie Lyn-Kee-Chow, Sophie Merrison-Thyme, Chih-Ying Wong, Mairead Delaney, Jamie Morgan and Jessi T Walsh.

Hay Barn 2 hours 30 mins duration
Confessions to a Tree
Performative Plants
Internal Mapping
So Sugar Plum
Hot Chix
For All
Rae Goodwin Performance
Reba D
Valerie Sharp
"Am I pretty now?"