Adam York Gregory & Gillian Jane Lees

June 10th & 11th, 2016
Friday science under the stars.
Saturday eve 6 hour durational performance.

Adam York Gregory is a scientist, visual artist and film maker. Gillian Jane Lees is a freelance contemporary performance practitioner and collaborator. Whilst their individual practices differ greatly, together they've discovered a fertile territory for collaboration – Science and art, visual and performance, still and moving. They have a shared artistic sensibility, a Modernist approach to work and an inherent interest in liveness, sharing a strong interest in process. Gillian approaches the work as a durational performer, whilst Adam approaches it through experimental method, extracting data, evaluating and documenting. Adam tends towards the scientific and visual, Gillian examines the piece as a subjective performer, with reference to the physical nature of perfection and control. They find inspiration from the different ways their respective practices view ideas. Often this causes a tension, which forms the basis for an investigation, a question that they both seek to answer.

Adam York Gregory and Gillian Jane Lees' six hour durational piece. Lees starts by dipping a steel nail into a carbon based ink and writing a X mark on her side of the page. She then hands the nail to Gregory and he repeats the process. 

Every nine lines Gregory dilutes the ink with pond water, then repeats the marking process.